WELVRAVE Records (pronounced as "We Love Rave") is an electronic music record label founded by Psytrance producer and DJ Kobi Nigreker, professionally known as Blastoyz.

The label started on September 17, 2021 In order to become the new home for Blastoyz’ releases and to put out music from other fellows in the Psytrance scene.

WELVRAVE label name is a warp of a Blastoyz track
"We Love Rave" which was released on Nutek records 2015. This track was a major landmark in Blastoyz career before he got worldwide recognition and stepped into the big stages.

The concept of the label comes from the ongoing vision of Blastoyz releases that he is known for, with extremely colorful, digitally painted, artistic, costume made artworks that connects to the story of each track. Together with Psychedelic imaginary videos which you usually see on the Blastoyz YouTube or on the live shows with visual performance to bring the crowd at home or on his live shows, the full experience with the way he would like to express the music.